Warragul Trial Capacity Increase:

Warragul Trial Capacity Increase: 6 Week pilot program, continues on from 2 November 2022.

Please Note:- Small Amendment to booking time.

Wednesday and Friday Arm Trials will commence from 11:00 AM and conclude approximately at 5:30 PM with 2-minute breaks between each trial and an 18-minute track sweep time after 12 trials have been completed.

Booking Trials

o Wednesday trials Now open on FastTrack 10:00 AM on the Tuesday prior, amended from 9:30 AM

o Friday trials Now open on FastTrack 10:00 AM on the Thursday prior, amended from 9:30 AM


Please do not book trials for other participants, a limit of 6 trials per person.

Our club will continue to document all cancellations on the day of scheduled trials, participants cancelling with late notice forms a critical part of our assessment process of this pilot program.


full information refer to clubs website http://warragul.grv.org.au/