Trial update

Commencing 1st January 2023


Wednesday split trial sessions have been designed to assist trainers with trialling, please ensure the limit of 6 trials per trainer is adhered to for one day of trialling.


Therefore, you can only book 6 trials for any one day and NOT 2 x 6 trials over both trial sessions.


Trails are to be booked under your own name and NOT booked by others to avoid the clubs’ booking criteria.


Due to 30+ trials being either cancelled or non-attended yesterday, trials for both Wednesday and Friday sessions will now be opened at 8-00 am the morning of the trial session.


Bookings for trails after race meetings will open Tuesdays at 9-00 am, Thursdays at 9-00 am, and Sundays at 3-30 pm.


In the order of fairness, trails after the race meetings will be limited to 3 trials per trainer Tuesday nights 15 pen trials, Thursday nights 10 x half field pen trials and 40 arm trials and Sundays 5 x half field pen and 20 arm trials.  Arm trials can include 2 dogs.